Packing Materials

Item Size Packing Uses
Dish barrel For all of your fragile needs, including dishes, china, knickknacks, etc.
Book box (small) 1.5 cubic feet


Books, canned goods, anything small but heavy.
Book box (medium) 3.1 cubic feet


Lamp shades, knickknacks, small appliances.
Medium/large 4.5 cubic feet


Towels, blankets, purses, shoes, and pots and pans.
Extra large 6.0 cubic feet
Glass/mirror container For small glass tops (tables, dressers), wall mirrors, artwork, framed pictures up to 40×60″.
Mattress bags All sizes. For local moves — make sure your mattress stays clean.
Mattress box All sizes. For long distance moves — sturdier than a bag.
Packing paper 25 lb. bundle Unprinted newspaper will not leave residue on your dishes and
Paper pads To cover lamps, pictures, and items going into storage.
Shrink wrap Plastic wrap for upholstered furniture.
Packing tape roll: 3″x55′
Custom-built crates For your larger, more fragile artwork, glass top tables, statues, and
other special items.

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